Love cooking? Interested in making your passion a career? UH Maui College’s Culinary Arts Program prepares students for the culinary world.

Past Graduates have attained positions at 5-star resorts and restaurants, opened independent businesses, and have starred in cooking shows.

The following degrees can be earned:

  • Certificate of Professional Development (CPD)
  • Certificate of Competence (CO)
  • Certificate of Achievement (CA)
  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Award-Winning Culinary Arts Program

Maui Culinary Academy is an award-winning Culinary Arts Program housed in the beautiful 38,000 square-feet Pa‘ina Culinary Arts Center at the University of Hawaii Maui College campus in Kahului. Instructors integrate culinary classes with specialized commercial operations to offer an intensive learning environment. Students gain practical training in nine kitchen labs and prepare for the professional industry by operating several food outlets. The curriculum emphasizes outreach and field experience through resort hotel properties, local restaurants, agricultural partners and professional industry support in research and development.

Where the advantage of wealth may seem unfair is for students who are marginal for a particular college or university and need a lot of financial aid. They might not be admitted over a similarly marginal student whose parents can afford to pay.

Geographical Information Systems


The University of Hawaii is now offering an Ecosystem Management Certificate of Competence!  The course is part of a FAST TRACK program that enables you to complete all of the required courses in just one semester! Geographic Information Systems are software systems and strategies used to compile and present data in a visual form.

Students Compete at the ASME IShow

The ASME IShow, has been inspiring students to be product innovators and entrepreneurs for the past nine years, provides teams of graduate and undergraduate students the experience of technology-product commercialization. A panel of judges will select the most innovative and practical ideas, awarding the top 3 winners more than twenty grand in seed funds as well as some recognition from people in the industry. The IShow is supported by the ASME Foundation and the Mechanical-Engineering magazine.

3 University Students Develop Efficient High Pressure Shower Head
Students make high pressure shower heads.

“Uji,” designed by students at Tufts University, is a high pressure shower head that helps save users water, energy, and money by changing from green to red as users take longer, less efficient showers. According to the team, that reduction in average shower time pays for itself in energy savings versus a high flow shower head after only seven months in a home setting, and three months in a university dorm room where more people use the same showerhead on a daily basis. The Uji high pressure shower head ( lets bathers know when they are dawdling in the bathroom by using an LED light that gradually turns from green to red. Average shower time clocks in around seven minutes, giving the user about a minute to finish up and rinse off.

Higher Education Act / Weapons Policy / Gambling Policy

The Higher Education Act
Section 120 of The Higher Education Act, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, requires that certification of on-campus prevention efforts be made available to the students and the public. UHMC has a personal support counselor available to provide substance abuse education, counseling, and intervention services.

Weapons Policy
The possession of illegal and dangerous weapons on University premises is strictly prohibited. Illegal and dangerous weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, ammunition, spear guns, explosives, and dangerous substances. Any person found in violation may be subject to all applicable state and federal laws, University policy, and the Student Conduct Code.

Should you suspect or discover someone on campus in possession of a weapon, contact UHMC Campus Security immediately. Since 2003, public displays of any type of "replica" firearms are illegal; this includes pellet, air, water, and toy guns.

Gambling Policies
In accordance with the laws of the State of Hawaii, gambling is not permitted on any campus or outreach educational center.

University of Hawaii Maui College Student Lounge General Rules

Be respectful of others and the Lounge. Comply with Student Lounge Staff’s instructions and requests. Be courteous during events and refrain from any activity that is disruptive to the event (e.g. video games, loud music, loud conversations, etc.). Clean up after yourself, including the appliances that are used in the lounge. Students are responsible for all of their own personal items. Vaulting, standing, or jumping on furniture is strictly prohibited. If furniture is moved the furniture must be LIFTED and not dragged across the floor. Furniture MUST be returned to their original location after use. Do not place your feet or shoes on any furniture, tables, or chairs. Tobacco, vapor cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and gambling of any kind is prohibited. Student Lounge patrons must comply with the UH Maui College Student Conduct Code. 

Strategies for adult learners is a workshop is geared for adult learners.  Build confidence and manage college stress. This workshop can make college an exciting and rewarding experience. You’ll find helpful strategies to balance family, work, and school.

MLM Leads

7 College Students Get System To Beat Roulette Wheel Win $96,000

Students Get Roulette System To Beat Roulette Wheel Win $96K,2707572&hl=en
RENO, NEVADA, June 14 - Officials at Harold's Casino said a group of 7 college students from a University devised a roulette system that has one $96,000.  General Manager of the gambling club, Raymond Smith, said the students started working out their system for roulette on the first day of June. They manned the roulette wheel at the casino around the clock in 6-hour shifts.  They wrote down the winning numbers from the roulette table for several days before betting.  The youths varied the roulette numbers they bet on but the biggest bets were placed on six, eight, nine, ten, twenty, twenty-seven, thirty-two and thirty-four.  A $25 bet on a single number was their maximum amount. Smith said it was against the casino's policy to name the gambling winners. He also said the roulette wheel involved lost a total of $120,000. The college student's roulette strategy was so successful that the casino employees removed the roulette wheel for inspection, thinking it must have a mechanical defect. But a check showed no faults in the precision of the wheel.  Smith joked how wonderful college education can be for young people.,2707572&hl=en

Here is an interesting paper titled: Predicting the outcome of roulette that demonstrates that even a very slight slant in the roulette table can lead to a very pronounced bias which could be further exploited to substantially enhance returns. The first system relies only on a mechanical count of rotation of the ball and the wheel to measure the relevant parameters. By applying these strategies to a standard casino-grade European roulette wheel, we demonstrate an expected return of at least 18%, well above the −2.7% expected of a random bet. With a more sophisticated, albeit more intrusive, system (mounting a digital camera above the wheel), we demonstrate a range of systematic and statistically significant biases which can be exploited to provide an improved guess of the outcome.

15 brilliant math geeks who outsmarted the system is a list of math geeks who’ve used their computational skills to make big bucks in Las Vegas casinos, playing the lottery, or on other forms of gambling strategies.

Check Residency Status

You must submit the Residency Declaration form. It is used to determine your residency status for tuition purposes.  If you do not qualify as a bona fide resident of the State of Hawaii, according to the UH regulations in effect at the time you register, you must pay nonresident tuition for your classes. Residency status will be determined at the time of application. You may be required to provide verifying documentation.

If you are a non-resident, you must pay a $25.00 application fee to complete your application. You will be prompted for payment after you submit your online application, or you can mail your check with your paper application to:

University of Hawaiʻi Maui College
Attn: Admissions
310 W. Ka’ahumanu Ave.
Kahului, HI 96732-1617

Questions? Call the UHMC Cashier’s office at (808) 984-3257